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Informal Self Exposure

Written on 26th April, 2016:
Instruction: List 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. They do not have to be great works of literature. Don't think too much about your choices.

Primary School:
1. 《首腦論》 (1987) /嚴家其
2. 《超人的孤寂》 (1988) /李逆熵
Secondary School:
3. 《人生之體驗續篇》 (1961) /唐君毅
4. 《思想的力量》 (By Force of Thought, 2007, 中譯本2009) /匈牙利經濟學家 János Kornai
5. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (1976) /Tom M. Apostol
6. 《邱妙津日記》/邱妙津
7. 《波動》 (1984) /趙振開
8. 《大崩壞》 (Collapse, 2005, 中譯本) /Jared Diamond
After Graduation:
9. 《老子》(~BC 500 to BC 400)
10. ---
Added on 24th April, 2021:
10. 《巨流河》(2009) /齊邦媛.

Semi-Formal Self Presentation

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Formal Self Introduction

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CY Fung, 2006 (taken during secondary school.)

CY Fung, 2020 (taken in 2020.)

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