CY's Production


More will come!

In comning:

  1. Games::Cards::Bridge
    • Games::Cards::Bridge::Bidding
    • Games::Cards::Bridge::Carding
    • Games::Cards::Bridge::Scoring (Auction, rewritten from David Westbrook's Games::Cards::Bridge::Contract)
  2. Map::Tube (maintained by Mohammand S Anwar)
    • Map::Tube::Hongkong
    • Map::Tube::Guangzhou
    • Map::Tube::Shenzhen

In planning:

    • Todo-list-style Stuff:
    • (somewhat a prototype) [L:Perl]
    • (somewhat a prototype) [L:Perl]
    • Todo Reminder After Linux Boot (previous project name: Todo-HighlyEffective) [L:Bash & Perl]
    • One-person Project Management (previous project name: Todo-Strategic) [L:Perl]

Proposal to myself:

  1. a Chinese checker program [L:Java or Golong] [Platform: Android or Web application]
  2. program for a variant of Chinese chess [L:Java or Golong] [Platform: Android or Web application].

Contact on twitter: @e7_87.

Discuss via GitHub issues: here.

Email: fungcheokyin at

Last Updated Date: 12th September, 2021